“I applaud the program, National Overture of Education and the Arts, which the Institute… is launching to demonstrate how the arts provide effective and engaging ways to teach academics.”

John J. Castellani
President, The Business Roundtable

“One of the Library’s goals is to reach the K-12 educational community….Our partnership with the Institute for Education and the Arts is helping us make great strides in this effort.”

James Billington
Librarian, The Library of Congress

“Your objective in using the arts to help teach mathematics and science and to improve student literacy is commendable and very timely…. Since competence in math and science is key to basic learning and academic success, the New Mexico National Overture program has importance in fostering opportunities for advancing student skills.”

Gov. Bill Richardson, New Mexico

” I strongly support the Institute for Education and the Arts and their program to help improve academic performance by all our students….”

The Hon. Ralph Regula
Member of Congress (OH-16)

“…the National Overture…in Ohio will provide Columbus an excellent opportunity to explore and acquire meaningful, effective, and engaging ways to teach academic concepts and content through the arts…”

Gene T. Harris
Superintendent, Columbus Public Schools